The parkrun that didn’t go wrong….

We were in York last night to see The Play That Went Wrong so decided on an overnight stay and some parkrun tourism. We were well behaved after the show and just had the one pint on our way back tour B&B, Diamonds Lodge, which was positioned half way between the city centre and the parkrun!

We were up bright and early the next morning to walk to the start – we’d travelled to York by train. It was an easy walk – initially along the main road past the deliciously smelling Nestle factory – before following a cycle path through woodland and across fields to the edge of New Earswick. From here we navigated through a housing estate to the parkrun location at New Earswick Sports Club. It took us about 40 mins but this was with a hobbling Mr T!

The village of New Earswick was built as to provide housing for workers and managers by Rowntrees. It was a green setting with each house having a garden and 2 fruit trees, very different to the slums that had developed in York and other cities in the 19th century. Work started on the build in 1902 but due to the religious beliefs of the Rowntrees there was and never has been a pub in the village. The sports club we arrived at has had a licence since the 1980s though.

We congregated in the car park beside a pitch. It was difficult to work out which pitch was which! The club is one of the largest in the area and has a multi purpose games area, five football pitches, a cricket pitch and two rugby pitches along with three tennis courts. After a short briefing we were off.

The route is a three lap course around the perimeter of the pitches – although it didn’t feel quite as bad as that sounds as there was a wiggle through a gap to pass the club house in the middle each time.

We ran separately again as Mr T wasn’t sure he’d finish – I was trying to keep it easy myself however with a marathon to run next Sunday. I enjoyed the whole grass route, much easier on the legs, but did need to keep an eye out for ruts and holes – a lady in front of me had fallen and hurt her knee and was being carried to the carpark.

As soon as I finished I could see Mr T jogging painfully on his third lap but I left him behind to run back to the hotel for the first shower to ensure we’d be done by checkout time! Mr T arrived back just in time and then we headed into York for breakfast. I had my heart set on delicious pancakes from Bills but hadn’t thought to book ahead so we ended up in Harkers pub for bacon sandwiches instead.

Parkrun stats – 

Cowell Club Challenge progress (over 100 different park runs)

  1. Fell Foot Windermere
  2. Dalby Forest 
  3. Flatts Lane 
  4. Fountains Abbey
  5. Cotsford Fields
  6. Herrington
  7. Stewart Park (home)
  8. Sedgefield
  9. Windy Nook
  10. Conyngham Hall
  11. Castle Howard
  12. Maxima
  13. Bushy Park
  14. Whinlatter Forest
  15. Temple Newsham, Leeds
  16. Druridge Bay
  17. Riverside
  18. Millom
  19. Brierley Forest
  20. Prudhoe Riverside
  21. Stretford
  22. York
  23. Marshall Drive 
  24. Penrith
  25. Sale Water Park 
  26. Eden Project
  27. Durham 
  28. Upton Court
  29. Harrogate
  30. Hartlepool
  31. Catterick
  32. Portobello Edinburgh
  33. Jubilee
  34. Keswick
  35. Northallerton
  36. Millfield
  37. Hackworth Park
  38. Gunnersbury Park
  39. Tees Barrage
  40. Albert Park, Middlesbrough
  41. South Park, Darlington
  42. Ford Park
  43. Redcar
  44. New Earswick
  45. Heslington, York 
  46. Barrow
  47. Silksworth
  48. Newcastle

Alphabeteers Challenge 

  • A Albert
  • B Barrow / Bushy / Brierley Forest
  • C Catterick / Cotsford Fields / Castle Howard / Conyngham Hall
  • D Durham / Druridge Bay / Dalby
  • E Eden Project
  • F Fell Foot / Flatts Lane / Fountains Abbey / Ford Park s
  • G Gunnersbury
  • H Heslington s / Hackworth / Hartlepool / Harrogate s / Herrington
  • I
  • J Jubilee
  • K Keswick s
  • L
  • M Marshall Drive / Millfield / Maxima / Millom
  • N Newcastle s / Northallerton / New Earswick
  • O
  • P Penrith / Prudhoe / Portebello s
  • Q
  • R Redcar / Riverside
  • S Stewart / South Park / Sale s / Sedgefield / Stretford / Silksworth
  • T Tees Barrage / Temple Newsham s
  • U Upton Court 
  • V
  • W Whinlatter / Windy Nook
  • X
  • Y York
  • Z

Parkrun challenges completed

  • Tourist – Run at 20+ different parkrun locations anywhere in the world
  • Single-Ton – Run 100+ parkruns at the same location (Stewart Park)
  • Christmas Day – Run a parkrun on the 25th of December (completed 2018)
  • NYD Double – Run two parkruns on one New Year’s Day (completed 2018)
  • All Weather Runner / Monthly – Run in each month of the year (completed 12/12/2015)
  • Bronze Level Obsessive – Run 30+ parkruns in one calendar year (2016 (38) / 2018 (39))
  • Silver Level Obsessive – Run 40+ park runs in one calendar year (2017 (40) / 2019 (40))
  • Bushy Pilgrimage – Run at Bushy parkrun, where it all began.

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